Noncompartmental Analysis for Clinical Studies

If you're conducting clinical trials and clinical pharmacological studies on a drug in development, XP Pharma Consulting can help. We specialize in the design and implementation of pharmacokinetics (PK) in clinical studies and performing noncompartmental analysis for clinical studies.

Benefits of NCA for Clinical Pharmacology Studies and Clinical Trials

Noncompartmental PK analysis (NCA) is a standard, efficient, and effective method for calculating pharmacokinetic PK parameters. It is indispensable for characterizing PK within a single study and making time-critical dosing decisions for dose selection. For clinical studies, NCA provides a drug's most essential PK characteristics (i.e., peak concentration, elimination half-life, PK dose proportionality). Regulatory authorities also routinely use PK parameters from NCA to inform their decision-making during development and approval. XP Pharma Consulting can help you with your NCA analysis, data visualization, results interpretation, and high-quality reporting. We ensure you get the most out of your data, setting your program up for success.

Benefits of Working With XP Pharma Consulting

Beyond helping with NCA for clinical studies, XP Pharma Consulting can help your pharmaceutical company with various stages of the clinical trial process. The company was founded by Dr. Amy Zhang after she spent two decades at major pharmaceutical companies. She founded the company with the intent of filling a gap in the industry, that gap being the absence of clinical pharmacology consultants.

Like Dr. Zhang, all of our consultants boast over 20 years of experience in various areas of clinical studies and clinical pharmacology studies. With these experienced professionals in your corner, you'll be sure to conduct your clinical trials more efficiently and effectively than you would have on your own. Our consultants can be more or less hands-on, depending on your needs.

In addition to each consultant's individual record of work, our company boasts impressive feats despite our relatively short time in business. You can trust us to improve your clinical study, no matter what part of the process we assist with.

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