Welcome to XP Pharma Consulting

Welcome to XP Pharma Consulting

Welcome to XP Pharma ConsultingWelcome to XP Pharma Consulting


XP Pharma Consulting provides consultation services in all phases of drug development through the lens of clinical pharmacology and the associated disciplines (pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, modeling and simulation) leading to more informed decision-making and the opportunities to save valuable time and cost.  

Experience includes several therapeutic areas (oncology, hematology, rare genetic disorders, rheumatology, infectious disease, CNS, and neurology) and various classes of drug entities (small molecules, biologics including proteins and monoclonal antibodies, and oligonucleotides).    

Dr. Xiaoping Zhang (PhD and MD) has diverse cross functional experience over 20+ years in small and large pharmaceutical companies with an established tracking record of clinical and regulatory success within pharma industry. Her experiences include strategic planning, executing, and reporting clinical pharmacology and clinical studies from Phase 1 to Phase 3. She had direct experiences in 60+ international and domestic clinical trials. She has worked on numerous NDAs/BLAs, INDs, IMPDs, MAAs, and other regulatory documents, plus client representation at FDA and EMA meetings including advisory board meetings and EU hearings. 

XP Pharma Consulting can provide expert clinical pharmacology services to guide you for your drug development success.